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Fantasy in Everything I See

I knew that I wanted to tell stories from a young age.  It started out with writing; pages and pages of parodies and mash-ups of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons where I shamelessly ripped off entire plots that had gripped my attention.  Then it was original stories, born from all the stories I had consumed before. 


This eventually became an obsession with the moving image.  Being a music student through public school, this also turned into an obsession with scoring music to film and other media.  Filmmaking and music are my passion, they give me an outlet, but most of all, they’re just fun. 


What I strive for most of all is to create stories that let me explore my own self through image, sound, and emotion.  That’s probably why I’m drawn to the genre fantasy: you can have such huge, grandiose stories set in fantastical lands with even more great and terrifying magic, but whose characters can feel as real as you or me.  This juxtaposition of the intimate human emotional journey against the fantastical excites me, and drives so much of what I do in film and music.


It’s been a long time getting to the point I’m at today, and there’s still a long, long way yet to go.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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